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The best way to get to know us is by taking part in our community , be active on the forum, get to know us, and become part of us. If you'd like to dig a bit deeper, and look into our past, this is an overview of our history.

Lords of Peril was founded in the later part of Age 2 by a player known as Sumizzle-bizzle in age 2 and simply Sumizzle (ranked near the bottom of page 1) in Age 3 beta. LoP grew quickly, gaining over 80 new members in the first couple of days. In the first week of Beta, LoP merged with Norse Armies and two smaller alliances.

Early in Age 3 Beta (around February 2004) Sumizzle began making plans for the real Age 3. This before anyone realized that the beta would drag on for months. He planned several things, including a command chain. However, not more than a week later, he mysteriously disappeared. The moderators, Serj, Raelrider (aka. Sweet Shadow), Slather, Anarki, and Trish stepped up and carried the alliance on their shoulders. While waiting for Sumizzle’s return, a poll was started to decide if a new commander should be elected and if so, who would replace him. The alliance decided it was wise to elect a new leader and one of the global moderators, Serj, was appointed interim commander. A few days later, Sumizzle retuned, announcing his departure from all things KOC and gave Serj full control. Serj and senior members decided to create a different kind of alliance that was different from all the cookie-cutter clans that had been created. New revolutionary ideas circulated and were put into effect.

While Beta dragged on and on, a relatively smaller alliance, Orc Army, randomly chose an alliance out a hat and declared war on them. LoP happened to be that alliance and the disorganized and weak Orc Army carried out poorly planned mass attacks on select members of LOP. Some senior members accounts were hacked and some lost a great deal of men, but LOP refused to recognize the war on them because they felt Orc Army was too weak to do anything significant to LoP.

The turning point of LoP came just after that. To help the accounts recover faster LoP decided to abandon the unfair Clickmaster page and create their own recruiter, named LOPr, to compete against those of Striker Clan and Relentless (before relentless-PR split). Unlike the other successful recruiters, LOP made their recruiter open to all with the only rule being no users could attack LOP members. Membership in LOP and the recruiter swelled to great proportions. Over 1 million clicks were exchanged on LOPr with over 4000 clickers. We recruited other smaller alliances such as Gulkahn’s Vulkranian Army and counterblow alliance into the newly established Empire of Peril.

With the creation of the recruiter, LOP was successful in Beta, but was still nothing to brag about. At the start of Age 3, with the implementation of the carefully planned command chain, LOP was hugely successful. Serj and Sweet-shadow were both in the top 25 and LoP was getting many members into the top 1000 everyday.

As age 3 evolved more and more people were using our recruiter to the point where it was one of the 3 most used recruiters in the game. Soon people started to find bugs in our recruiter and abuse them. We had fights with some members of the Stormsky chain and one of the biggest wars of the age versus the Turkish Rebels ( _TR) , which we won. Sweet_Shadow sold of to Carnage_King (Carnage Leader) bringing him to the top 10.

As age 4 started the 259 gang joined LoP chain, and LoP merged with Carnage forming Infern0 Circle, soon other chains joined (lurtz , Disturbed Mortality,Crystal_Rain), as you can imagine which such a chain we rapidly caught up with the big chains (RF,PR and SC), we dominated the top 50 with close to 20 accounts. Sweet_Shadow took #1 for several times and farmed top ranked members with his high SA.

Due to the next age’s CAPTCHAS in KOC, snowstorm quitting ( our original recruiter coder) and many cheaters, our own recruiter was shut down and we were forced to use the other recruiters such as CW,RRAC and Indra . Later PR banned our entire chain from CW and our growth obviously dropped. Shortly after DT left PR chain and joined us , this combined with some dispute between Carnage and RF where they had been with the previous age which created a war were Infern0 Circle had to deal with RF,PR and LACN, this, combined with the PR bans, made many chains leave the Infern0 chain and split up LoP's chain.

Soon only 259 and DT remained at the side of LoP, 259 gang decided to leave us after a while and joined PR, it was during the time with DT that Sweet_Shadow made Prodigy which was far better as any other KOC tool back then. Slather quit shortly after his account got dragged into PR chain with Dist.Mort., Serj quit later on the age and Garrix became a 2nd Leader. Fluffy made Covert alliance and would leave LOP chain the next age, the age ended and Sweet_Shadow ended 9th !

We started age 5 solo but after talks with friendly alliances and a growth merge was made with LGC(Graahoeje) and TNL(FastRobbie). Soon the growth of the main accounts shot up and yet again we had a growth similar/higher to the other dominating alliances( LoP had 6 top 50 accounts). When Sweet_Shadow yet again started attacking PR's top accounts ,our entire chain ( above and under Sweet_Shadow) got banned ( yes ! 2nd age in a row) for some fake excuses, LGC left , TNL fell apart not long after Sweet_Shadow and Fastrobbie went on a sabbing spree against PR. More sabbers from LOP and other alliances joined later to war PR and prevent them from winning the age. Skorpz ( who had became leader when Garrix quit) took over the role as Head account.

We stayed solo for a bit and saw how LGC merged into a rotation with RF and SaB, but as we wanted to push Lor20(PR head acc) off #1 we joined the rotation chain to help Graahoeje's chain.

Sweet_Shadow still had a good chance to end top 10 but got hacked/ scammed, restored and then banned (to undo the restoring of his account) , Skorpz was going to end top 10 but also got hacked during the last week of the age.

Age 6 was started with TearsofFury and Judgement Alliance in our chain, and we had 5-6 members in the top 50 with 2 top 10 pottentials( Skorpz and Kill3rSam who had become leader when SS left) but they first played for stats before coming to their rightful rank.

We made a rotation deal with our allies Hell Guardians (Shakav) and later on LGC (Astral), soon all 5 had top 5-10 growth and we were outgrowing most other alliances ( yet again :P)

Later in the age Tof went "independent" with some other alliances but remained allied and shortly after several of our high accounts got hacked (including Kill3rSam #8 and some in the top 200) along with several accounts from other alliances , the game admins ignored all emails! We splitted ways with LGC at the point they wanted to start working with BSS. Shakav (HG) got banned for logging the people in koc who never slept, (you could still see who was online back then) and we ended up being on our own again. A few weeks before the end of the age Skrorpz decided to quit till the next age, and handed over his top 3 account to mKKill3rSam, totally unexpected, the andmins ended the game a few weeks later with a 2 hour notice, in the middle of night, leaving the Skorpz account unable to train down, or reach it's full potential, and ends #5.

Age 7, Skorpz returns to continue as head account, but gots banned a few week laters for unspecified reasons, possibly for the switching back of ownership between Kill3rSam to Skorpz, admins never responded to our questions in any way. We tried uniting a few allies to become a stronger chain, the idea rose from our allies TLL (who's leader LapuLapu was a former LoP knight), but once SW and StormRage came into the picture, the idea expanded, and TLL no longer liked the things happening. It failed. TraxDaMax carried on as main account and ended #72 as Empire_TraxDaMax . Somewhere during age 7 a fraction of members split off and became Thugz of Peril.

Age 8 was started with a small chain, during the verry long previeus age a high amount of members had gotten borred with koc and had gone inactive. Slasher lead the remaining members as head account but asked Kill3rSam to take over about half into the age. LoP joined under Butts who was leading Thugz of Peril, if they didn't want to be inchain with us, we would be inchain with them.
Kill3rSam ended the age #142 as Slasher-X

Entering age 9 Butts was having real life troubles, and less active in KoC, making Kill3rSam and Regilus the bigger accounts. It was at this time that both groups remerged forming the new LoP, Regilus joined Kill3rSam and both lead LoP into a new future.
Kill3rSam ended the age at#133 and Regilus at #235.

Age 10, Regilus was head account and took over the active leading of LoP, eventhough being a small chain with only a handfull of active players, and staying solo the entire age, he (and LoP)played amazingly, and ended at #25. Nino who had returned (and usually had been a low profile player), reached #24 ! 2 top 50's was an amazing result after the last few ages.

Age 11, we started with ThirdKing as main account, we had boosted our activity and welcomed a lot of acient players comming back. When Thirdking suddenly dissapeared leaving all our growth unprotected, we chose to change our head account to Skorpz after a few days.[Skorpz (and SS) had been active in playing Tyrants anarchy - butts,skorpz,SS, are just a few of the players who won/ended top 3 era's in TA representing LoP] Skorpz was already growing increadable, and after our chain restructure that growth became even bigger. We warred Nite, and so much as distroyed them.

Overwhelmed by Skorpz's growth, we realised haveing a shot at top 3, which fitted into our goal of getting our community bigger again. We decide to engange a growth deal with TFE. Later on they involve RF aswel, naming the chain GTA II, as TFE + RF had been GTA the age before. Mightyvikings and his chain joined LoP and became a wonderfull addition to our team.

Skorpz growth reaches top 3 and our shot at top 3 starts to be realistic. Untill SR join GTA 2, but sab us, and things get out of hand when TFE and RF face against us aswel. This all while Skorpz is emigrating and has no time to use his account in battle, we see it getting destroyed. In the end it is sold of to numerous LoP members, for battle purposses, and the account gets reset. Eventhough being offerd truce, we don't accept, and clearly do not surrender.

Age 12 started with a rift among leadership during which Regilus and several Knights at Arms leave LoP and form JaFF(Just a Few Friends). LoP set to work rebuilding and relocating to another forum. About a month into the age, FFLoA was warred in order to protect members over several battlefield conflicts.

When later in in the age SR starts abusing their dominant position LoP co-organises a front to show them it could not be tolerate. Alongside LaCN and tS war is declared on SR. The top 4 alliances were all at war in a 3 versus 1 battle. In a clear rout, all of SR's accounts (save a handful) were either without spy and sentry tools, in vacation mode, or fled to other alliances to escape the battle. When SR's main is beaten and runs into vacation mode, a cease fire was declared and not long after the war ended with SR acceptance of our terms.

The bond created from fighting side by side resulted in LoP joining LaCN, not long after the age ends and LoP finished with 2 single-digit ranked accounts (the only chain to do so, Hellboy_LoP at #8 and MightyVikings at #9), and 10 top 100 accounts. It was an impressive age.

Age 13 beta was an beta with a lot of changes, throughout the age various gamefeatures got added and tweaked, making everything verry dynamic an truely chaotic. Yet through the tumult, LoP remained strong.
When several alliance declared war on LaCN, with whom we were still inchain we joined the war to support our friends. HellBoy who had been playing the head account, and was having a verry high chance at ending #1 got suspended along with the rest of the top 5. Unlike the other alliances, we had another account in line, Wulfric took #1 within 24 hours.
Disadvantaged by a lower tff Wulfric ended #2, followed by Archspy ending #10 and Stacy ending #12. Not only did we manage to replace our main account, having 3 high top ranked accounts, was something no other alliance achieved.

Age 13 we continued in chain with LaCN, starting with Hellboy in the lead, being our main account on top of an increasingly growing chain and alliance. When an SR "rogue" massed LaCN' mains, war between the chains broke out, SR ended up surrendering to LaCN and LoP, having little left in their accounts. Real life forced HellBoy to retire, and he sold of to Wulfric, who had already surpassed him in stats and rank. DrunkenTerrorist declared war on LaCN, whom we supported in their battle. Not the war, but community differences, and different goals for LoP made us leave LaCN chain, it was time to go solo again.

Not only did Lords of Peril end the age as 3th ranked alliance,but we finished with wulfric #4, Stacy #11 and Neophyte #14, and a total of 6 LoP players in the top 40.

Age 14 started with a new BF policy for LoP, a more relaxed and fair policy which, after some time, was more or less adapted by all other major alliances. With Neophyte as our main account, we moved through the age, gaining TFE as an ally again. After too many BF issues and differences in opinions we started a war with NWO, SR and FF whilst having LaCN and TFE on our side. One by one the opposing forces surrendered. We were victorious in what would later turn out to be the largest war of the age.

Age 14 ended with only 5 days notice. Not only did Neophyte end #6, we also had Wulfric ending #9, followed by Stacy at #10. Overall, 25% of the first page players were LoP members. LoP finished as #3 alliance in the game!

In Age 15 we teamed up with Fearless Force. An alliance we had warred the age before, but they kicked out the bad apples and were making a change, a change we wanted to support! LaCN got into war with SR early on, and after about a month, when it became clear that things weren't going anywhere, we jumped in. Ten days later SR surrendered, like the many ages before.
The rest of the age went by quite peacefully, we ended the age as 4th best alliance, and 15 accounts in the top 100! Archspy playing main account on a sweet #6 followed by Stormforce on #18 and Wulfric on #20.